[NetBehaviour] beta test webflaneur.net

clemos cl3mos at gmail.com
Fri Jul 7 20:19:50 CEST 2006

hi netbehaviourists

annie abrahams and I have been working on a new project called "webflaneur".
it's a web work, a kind of "browser inside the browser" made to
"wander" on the web:

you enter an url, and the webflaneur goes there, then picks a random
link and finally navigates out to another page, on and on until it
doesn't find any more links to visit.
it's a kind of tool which allows one to watch the web passively, kind
of like you watch TV as you can zap from site to site, and do nothing
more than it.
you can also wander randomly like you do in real life, following no
precise path, just walking:
it's meant to be a contemplative experience through which you discover
the web differently.
also, at any time you can generate a "mashup", which is a collection
of random stuff, links, images, videos, sound, taken on the way, like
a "diary" of your trip.

this project of ours is about to be released, but we still need to
make tests to see if it works well enough.

please netbehaviourists, we ask you to try it, tell us if you get bugs
or unexpected behaviours (if so, please tell us on what machine you
use, with what kind of connection, what browser, etc... you got

and, of course, we would be happy to hear your thoughts, feedback,
comments about that, and to discuss of this work itself.

it's here : http://webflaneur.net

thanks for your attention, and excuse my poor english. (clement writing)

clement and annie

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