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Mon Jul 10 15:52:00 CEST 2006

hi mark

perhaps not so portable... hehe as in different places assumes diferent 
bodies but most often big.. :) we started by wanting it to be portable, 
we thought we would be able to carry mimoSa but then we found out that 
the best thing would be to  have  different  mimoSas on each place, 
assemble it with local resources.. so it really depends on what 
material/support is constructed on..


marc escreveu:
> ricardo ruiz wrote:
> Hi Ricardo,
> Does this mean that it is a 'portable' data collector/recorder 
> information & a 'portable' information distributor?
> marc
>> hi netbehaviourists.
>> we could finally translate the text on the post bellow...
>> []'s
>> rr
>> -+
>> "What is mimoSa?
>> mimoSa are workshops to the construction of an urban intervention and
>> information correction machine, or a mobile media a.s. (in portuguese,
>> Mídia Móvel SA). More than that, mimoSa is also the machine constructed
>> during these workshops, where the machine object is embodied, humanized,
>> record local stories and publish than on the internet..."
>> + http://turbulence.org/Works/mimoSa/blog/?p=28
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