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G8 2006 Info- and Pressgroup.


LINK (Libertarian News and Information Collective): Press-release #6

LINK ("Libertarian News and Information Collective") of the Anti-G8
Network (SPB8).

Press-release no. 6,
July 11th, 2006

Contact to LINK: spb8media (at) riseup.net

LINK is not an official media representative of the SPB8 network. Please 
read the notice at the end of the text.

Chronicle of repressions.
 From St. Petersburg to Yekaterinburg activists are arrested, searched, 
removed from trains and put into jail.

The summit of the "Big 8" planned not far from St. Petersburg is less 
than a week away, as well as the events against the illegitimate "club 
of 8" and its policies, the Russian Social Forum in particular. Judging 
by the unfolding situation, the Russian structures of power have decided 
to tackle the issue with force in the last week before the summit.

Information about arrests, court cases, imprisonments, searches and 
removals from trains of activists of the Network Against G8 (SPB8) have 
become everyday occurrence. In the course of those actions, the agents 
of power structures the Ministry of Internal Affairs and it's 
subdivision the FSB and the Prosecutor's Office are continuously 
breaking both civil rights and legal norms. The courts pronounce harsh 
sentences based solely on the testimonies of the security forces and 
meant to isolate the activists until the end of the summit.

Based on the news available to the members of the LINK collective and 
published on Russian Indymedia (russia.indymedia.org/ ), only on Monday 
such cases have occurred in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Samara
and Yekaterinburg.

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