[NetBehaviour] Game/Play exhibition - UK.

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Mon Jul 17 12:45:18 CEST 2006


Playful interaction and goal-oriented gaming explored through media arts 

The exhibition opens at two different venues, in the UK and then joins, 
to tour as a single touring show. Game/Play is a networked national 
touring exhibition in the UK, focusing on the rhetorical constructs game 
and play. This collaboration between Q Arts, Derby and HTTP Gallery, 
London provides a basis for exchange and interaction between audiences, 
artists, curators and writers through the exhibitions and networked 

Projects fall under three main categories:-
independent video games,
online (networked) artworks.

Launch and tour-
Game/Play opens at two venues, HTTP galleries Q Arts.

HTTP Gallery, London.
Saturday 22 July 7pm – 9pm.
Unit A2, Arena Business Centre,
71 Ashfield Rd, London N4 1NY

Q Arts, Derby:
21 July 6.30pm – 8.30pm Q Arts – Gallery
35/36 Queen Street,
Derby, DE1 3DS

Game/Play Artists:
Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern, Jetro Lauha, Julian Oliver, Kenta Cho, 
Mary Flanagan, Low Brow Trash, Paul Granjon, Simon Poulter, Giles 
Askham, Jakub Dvorsky, Long Journey Home, PRU, Q Club, Furtherfield, 
Tale of Tales.

Game/Play Writers:
Giles Askham / Jon Bird / Peter Bowcott / Javier Candeira / Rebecca 
Cannon / Ele Carpenter, Ruth Catlow, Louise Clements, Mary Flanagan, 
Marc Garrett, Keiron Gillen, Mark R Hancock, Martijn Hendriks, Pat Kane, 
Ana-Marija Koljanin, Maaike Lauwaert, Corrado Morgana, Patrick Lichty, 
Christiane Paul, Thomas Petersen, Andy Pollaine, Jonathan Willett.

- enjoy the Ermajello performance of Plankton at Q Arts,
- test drive Mary Flanagan's [giantJoystick] at HTTP,
- view the works and connect and collaborate with visitors in both 
galleries in the online,
multiuser spaces of Furtherfield's VisitorsStudio and Endless Forest by 
Tale of Tales.

Curated by Giles Askham, Marc Garrett, Ruth Catlow, Corrado Morgana & 
Louise Clements.

Game/Play is funded by The Arts Council of England and Awards For All.

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