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Wed Jul 19 11:37:54 CEST 2006

Please see below standard response to Melt enquiries for drafting up
original draft proposals. Which you may find deeply empowering or throw in
' out + choose to ignore.

What we'd suggest is that you take a look at the application information
and on line application from on the Melt site:


If you haven't already done so.

And draft up some summary ideas in reference to the beautifully simple
questions on the form - see list below. And send us them by email.  Do NOT
complete the on line form until we've discussed your ideas with you.

* Title / Working title of your proposal (10 words max)

* The 'Elevator Pitch' for your proposal
The one to five liner that sells your proposal in a nutshell. (50 words max)

* What is it?
Please clearly explain what your content proposal is and what digital
platform(s) you believe it would best exploit, if identified at this stage.
(300 words max)

* Melt Selection Criteria 1
How does it demonstrate innovation/boundary pushing content?  (150 words max)

* Melt Selection Criteria 2
How does it demonstrate commercial and market potential? (150 words max)

If you'd prefer not to send in some outline ideas - then
this is  fine too. Just that having the information before you complete and
return the form enables us to give you (hopefully) useful feedback.

More: Savour associated flavours

Best wishes; Andi and Lucy.

If you are based out side South Yorkshire (you don't need to be sad) you'
can make new playmates here. Take a peeek at the dating agency on our site
to get some ideas. Please send us a list of the type of partner/s - who you
think would be good for your proposal /s. Ie: Designer, tech developer,
artist, media producer - tra la la la la

>We set off on Tuesday 18th July to the Kingdom of Tonga
>to set up for our new work, Light from Tomorrow.
>Trace our progress at;
>or visit the exhibition Edge Conditions at San Jose Museum of Art
>from 29th July...
>Light from Tomorrow is part of Pacific Rim artworks at ISEA 2006,
>Find out more about Edge Conditions and ISEA 2006 at;
>We will also be showing our installation Unprepared Piano at ISEA 2006;
>Maybe see you there!
>best wishes,
>Jon & Alison
>--> web
>--> now
>Decorative Newsfeeds, permanent public artwork in Forest Hill, London
>--> later on
>Flat Earth.  Animate! commission with Channel 4 Television.
>A retrospective of British Media Art, Dresden.
>Arcade, Westbourne Studios, London
>BEACON, Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, New York.
>--> books
>Network Art: Practices and positions, Edited by Dr Tom Corby, Routledge.
>Monograph on our work published by Film & Video Umbrella
>Art, Time & Technology.  Dr Charlie Gere, published by Berg.
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>NetBehaviour at netbehaviour.org

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melt at theculturecompany.co.uk
0114 - 221 - 0593.
07814 - 807 - 203.

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Melt is a Culture Company programme with the BBC, Channel 4, Orange, Pact
and Screen Yorkshire. Melt is funded by Yorkshire Forward, Objective 1
South Yorkshire and Arts Council England.

MELT: We love SY.

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