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i'm sure no one here thinks either side is a monolithic identity, but  
it's good to hear of dissent from inside nonetheless. it's important  
to know that, just as in the US and UK, citizens are not all one with  
the state (mis)representing them.

Begin forwarded message:
> http://zope.gush-shalom.org/home/en
> They came from all over the country, Jews and Arabs,
> from the air-raid shelters of Haifa and Nazareth and
> the still safe neighborhoods of metropolitan Tel-Aviv.
> The third demonstration against the war in Lebanon
> attracted much greater numbers than the first ones.
> While the first had 100 participants and the second
> reached already about 1000, this time (July 22) some
> 5000 took part.
> "Olmert get out of Lebanon -- the war is a disaster!"
> the protesters shouted. "We hall neither die nor kill
> - in the service of the USA" "Peretz, Peretz beware -
> in The Hague they are waiting for you! "Olmert, Olmert
> resign - you are not wanted anymore" "All the cabinet
> ministers are war criminals" and more.
> After marching from Rabin Square to Cinemateque
> Square, the protesters held a rally that filled the
> square and flowed over into the neighboring streets.
> The first speaker was former minister and Israel-Prize
> laureate Shulamit Aloni, who condemned the war in the
> harshest terms. She was followed by former MK Issam
> Makhoul for Hadash, former MK Uri Avnery for Gush
> Shalom, Youth movements' representative Yael Leirer,
> Yishai Menuhin for "Yesh Gvul", Awad Abd-al-Fatah for
> Balad, and Abeer Kopti for the Haifa group "Women
> Against War". The rally was conducted by Huloud Badawi
> of Ta'ayush and Jana Knofowa of the "Women's Coalition
> for Peace".
> ----
> B"H
> By Lily Galili
> More than 2,500 people on Thursday attended a mass
> demonstration
> against the war in Lebanon, marching from Tel Aviv's
> Rabin Square to
> a rally at the Cinemateque plaza.
> The rally was the first of its kind protesting against
> the IDF's
> offensive in Lebanon. Unlike previous anti-war
> protests in israel,
> major Arab organizations in Israel - among them Hadash
> and Balad -
> participated in the event in large numbers.
> They were joined by the left flank of the Zionist Left
> -former
> Meretz leader Shulamit Aloni and Prof. Galia Golan,
> alongside the
> radical left of Gush Shalom, the refusal to serve
> movement Yesh Gvul,
> Anarchists Against the Wall, Coalition of Women for
> Peace, Taayush
> and others.
> These Jewish and Arab groups ordinarily shy away from
> joint activity.
> They couldn't come up with a unifying slogan this time
> either, except
> for the call to stop the war and start talking.
> However, protest
> veterans noted that in the Lebanon War of 1982 it took
> more than 10
> days of warfare to bring out this many protesters,
> marking the first
> crack in the consensus.
> The protest drew some new faces, like Tehiya Regev of
> Carmiel, whose
> two neighbors were killed in a Katyusha attack on the
> city. "This war
> is not headed in the right direction," she told
> Haaretz; "the
> captured soldiers have long since been forgotten, so I
> came to call
> for an immediate stop to this foolish and cruel war."
> The rally, which received wide international press
> coverage, had a
> theme unfamiliar from previous demonstrations here.
> Beside the usual
> calls for the prime minister and defense minister to
> resign, this was
> a distinctly anti-American protest.
> Alongside chants of "We will not  kill, we will not
> die in the name of Zionism" there were chants of  "We
> will not die and will not kill in the service of the
> United States," and slogans  condemning President
> George W. Bush.
> video here: http://news.walla.co.il/?w=//945127

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