[NetBehaviour] body movement translated into bvh file

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Jul 26 09:09:24 CEST 2006

body movement translated into bvh file
bvh file clothed in loquacious avatar
avatar lowered onto floor body
hysteric dance of avatar and floor body
mapped dance of one and another
digital seamless wonder transmutated skin
writhe wryte internal electromagnetisms
signals connecting floor body and avatar
avatar desiring floor body hysteric
hysteresis as chiasmic exchange
the one generated the other
the other was clothed in the one
the other above the one
the one beneath the other
coupling hysteresis hysteria
the womb meanders eyes opened shut
bodies stitched together in final fury
doctor doctor there is no help for me
doctor doctor there is no help for us
for her for them
peopling the world of the grainy digital film
stitched together falling apart at the seams
falling apart seamlessly
hysterical out of control contrary
contradictory wayward really fucked up
really fucked up avatar fucked up floor body
say neurasthenic mean hysteric
bvh file long since forgotten


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