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New Reviews/Interviews on Furtherfield.org (July 06).


The Ultrasound of Therapy by Staalplaat Soundsystem.
One of a number of pieces reclaiming the body from a post-material 
world. A therapeutic process including anything in the range from 
homeopathy to electroshock therapy brings the bodies back to life. 
Staalplaat Soundsystem, the audio art collective based in Amsterdam, 
celebrates the physical power of sound in an installation, which is 
currently shown at Manchester’s Cornerhouse. Reviewer: Mathias Fuchs.

An Interview with Jeanie Finlay about Homemaker.
Entering the domestic spaces of seven people living in Tokyo or 
Derbyshire, Finlay centres in on the household as a way of uncovering 
individual interaction with public and private selves. Telling personal 
stories with the aid of house-hold objects, fragments of narrative, and 
new media technologies is a new way of thinking about portraiture. 
Interview by Jess Laccetti.

Handmade Electronic Music.
A review of The Art of Hardware Hacking by Nicolas Collins.
In Nicolas Collins’ book, we shake off the bounds of mass produced 
software, of expensive consumer electronics and re-enter the exploratory 
worlds of early electronic experimentalists such as David Tudor & Alvin 
Lucier, riding the pulsating waves of sonic history through to 
contemporary hardware hackers & instrument builders such as Xentos 
‘Fray’ Bentos, Phil Archer, John Bowers & of course Nicolas Collins 
himself. What an enlightening journey it is too.  Reviewer: Liam Wells.

Tijuana Calling: an exercise on virtual coyote tactics.
Mark Tribe, founder of Rhizome.org and the man behind Tijuana Calling, 
defines the net-based works as “playful disruptions” that address urgent 
issues such as migration flows, cultural translation, surveillance and 
hybridity. Indeed, the common thread that connects Turista Fronterizo 
(Ricardo Dominguez and Coco Fusco), Tj Cybercholos (Fran Illich), 
LowDrone (Angel Nevarez and Alex Rivera), Corridos (Anne-Marie Schleiner 
and Luis Hernandez) and DENTIMUNDO (Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga) is the 
commitment to pollute cyberspace through an intermittent translation of 
the borderland experience. An insight into border-crossing in a 
borderless space, Tijuana Calling, an on-line exhibition features five 
commissioned projects by artists living on both sides of the border 
Mexico-U.S. Presented in October 2005, the exhibition is one of the 
“scenarios” of inSite_05, a network of art practices exploring the 
cultural and sociological nature of the Tijuana-San Diego borderland. 
Reviewer: Maria Guglietti.

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