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July 24, 2006
Turbulence Spotlight: "carrizoprime-net" by Christina McPhee
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A montage of performance and observation on seismic memory. Shot on location
at the San Andreas Fault, Soda Lake, and Wallace Creek, in the Carrizo Plain
National Monument, California, 2002-2006.


Christina McPhee traces new media landscapes at the peripheries of human
landscapes, where the psychic terrain of trauma meets environmental
instability and generative chaos. "La Conchita mon" amour, a new video
installation with digital large format photography on the mudslide-torn
beach town of La Conchita, California, will open at Sara Tecchia Roma, New
York in October 2006. "Carrizoprime," a new HD video, premiered at
Cinemascope, SCOPE|Hamptons Art Fair, in July 2006. McPhee recently created
the theatrical video installation for Pamela Z's "Wunderkabinet," a
multimedia opera based on stories from the Museum of Jurassic Technology
(Los Angeles) in debut at the LAB, San Francisco (2005). Her digital prints
won a James A. Phelan Award from the San Francisco Foundation in 2003.
McPhee's writings on media theory and practice are published with Ctheory,
Neural, drunkenboat, and for the "empyre: soft-skinned space." She works
with Terry Hargrave and his architectural design studio at California
Polytechnic State University.

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