[NetBehaviour] Abiogenesis: online Performance by Tale of Tales - Thursday July 27th 7.00pm – 8.00 pm (BST)

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Wed Jul 26 19:19:37 CEST 2006


The Game/Play team are pleased to present:
An online performance by Tale of Tales - Auriea Harvey and Michael 
Samyn, in The Endless Forest.

Thursday July 27th 7.00pm – 8.00 pm (BST)
Free, all are welcome...

To play:
Download the Endless Forest 'social screensaver'

Come and meet us online within the live, real-time world of 'The Endless 

"The Endless Forest by Tale of Tales is a game about beauty, wonder, 
calm and peace. There are no stealth missions, no guns to swap, no 
armour or enemies. Taking on the role of a somewhat dreamy deer who 
wanders through an endless forest imbued with magical powers that seem 
as unpredictable as mesmerising, players of The Endless Forest are 
invited to hang out and roam amidst beautiful trees, old mysterious 
ruins, an idyllic pond and happy flower beds. Without a goal of any 
sorts, they soon find that there’s more to the forest than just mere eye 
candy." Maaike Lauwaert & Martijn Hendriks.
Read full text http://blog.game-play.org.uk/?q=TheEndlessForest

"In keeping with Wirefire, an earlier project involving a series of 
intimate live, online performances on the theme of love, the artists 
intermittently appear as the ‘gods’ of the Endless Forest. Using a 
system they call Abiogenesis the virtual woodlands become a mutable 
stage for the artists’ performances." Ruth Catlow & Marc Garrett
Read full text http://blog.game-play.org.uk/?q=MARC_GARRETT_RUTH_CATLOW

The touring Game/Play exhibition is currently showing at Q Arts, Derby 
and HTTP, London.

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