[NetBehaviour] Transmission.

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Sun Jul 30 17:56:21 CEST 2006


Transmission is a gathering of video makers, programmers and web 
producers developing online video distribution as a tool for social 
justice and media democracy.

A host of initiatives have sprung up across the globe in recent years 
that seek to mix media activism with increasing access to broadband, new 
video encoding advances, content management systems, RSS, p2p and free 
software. These technologies and projects are converging to democratise 
access to video distribution on a global level, challenge the dominance 
of top-down broadcast media and give voice to range of critical social 
and environmental issues.

We feel that now is a vital time to hold such a gathering in an effort 
to cross-pollinate current activist online video distribution projects 
and to build a strong network for the future.

Transmission will be a convergence of collectives and projects from 
Asia, the Pacific, South America, Europe and the US. Hopefully this will 
be a good mix of programmers, techies, video makers and organisers who 
can meet, discuss, workshop ideas for the future and hopefully explore 
new collaborative partnerships.

Transmission will run over 4 days at Forte Prenestino in Rome from the 
7-10 of June. Formerly a military fort built in the 1800s, it is now a 
social centre that hosts cultural and political initiatives. The 4 days 
will include activities that range from open forums, presentations, 
workshops, discussion groups and working-bees - run by the participants 
themselves according to a collectively formed agenda.

We feel there are a variety of issues this meeting could address. 
Currently there is limited communication between the various projects 
resulting in many collectives replicating each other’s work. For example 
many of the projects we are bringing together are working on their own 
content management system rather than collaborating on common platforms.


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