[NetBehaviour] Virtual border patrol.

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Wed Jun 7 12:08:14 CEST 2006

Virtual border patrol.

"Texas Gov. Rick Perry unveiled plans on Thursday to place hundreds of 
surveillance cameras along the Rio Grande and stream the images to the 
Internet so computer users everywhere can help patrol the U.S.-Mexico 

"'With the voluntary participation of private landowners, the state will 
begin posting hundreds of surveillance cameras along criminal hot spots 
and common routes used to enter this country,' Perry said ... The video, 
which will include night vision, will be available to state, local and 
federal authorities and will be posted on the Internet in real time ... 
'When citizens witness a crime taking place, they will be able to call 
an 800 number that will be routed to the appropriate law enforcement 
agency,' he said."

The rationale:

"The move comes as the Pentagon prepares to deploy about 6,000 National 
Guard troops to bolster U.S. Border Patrol operations. But Perry said he 
was disappointed that homeland defense funding for Texas recently was 
cut 31 percent despite intelligence that 'al-Qaida views the southern 
border as a prime point of entry' into the U.S."


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