[NetBehaviour] City Mine(d) - Urban Interventions in London, Brussels and Barcelona.

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Fri Jun 9 11:12:08 CEST 2006

*City Mine(d) *invites you to Generalized Empowerment, an investigation 
in Urban Interventions in London, Brussels and Barcelona
with keynote speaker:  Saskia Sassen

1.30^pm   *reports on workshops in *  
             London "Urban Interventions and democracy" by Alex Loftus, 
academic fellow in the department of geography, Royal Holloway, 
University of London
             Barcelona "Krax" by Ana Betancour, architect and associate 
professor at  the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
             Brussels "Micronomics" by Baudouin Massart, journalist and 
researcher at Alter Agence
             and by Johan Moyersoen, researcher at the University of 
Oxford School of Geography

2.00^pm    Keynote speech by Saskia Sassen, Ralph Lewis Professor at the 
University of Chicago and Centennial Professor at the London School of 

3.00^pm     Video on Urban interventions in London

3.30^pm           Tea Break

3.45^pm    Urban Forum on city, art, democracy

An exhibition will run during the forum, and publications on urban 
interventions will be distributed.

Sunday 18 June 2006

Jeremy Bentham Room
UCL Main Building
Gower street
London - UK

Drinks and snacks will be offered in the Jeremy Bentham Pub, University 
Street from 5pm onwards

*For more details visit*
www.generalizedempowerment.org & www.citymined.org
or call 07905 93 33 11

/Entrance is free, doors will be open from 1pm

/The Forum is organized by  Alana Jelinek (www.ti3.org.uk 
<http://www.ti3.org.uk>) ; Christian Nold (www.softhook.com 
<http://www.softhook.com>) ; Gil Doron 
<http://www.transgressivearchitecture.org>) ; Gillian McIver 
(www.luna-nera.org.uk <http://www.luna-nera.org.uk>) ; Greg Cowan ; 
Hilary Powell (www.optimisticproductions.co.uk 
<http://www.optimisticproductions.co.uk>) ; Siraj Izhar 
(www.publiclife.org <http://www.publiclife.org>) and City Mine(d) 
(www.citymined.org <http://www.citymined.org>)

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