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intelligent agent Vol. 6 No. 1
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Vol. 6 No. 1:
// interfacing //
// free radical //
// book reviews //

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+ Patrick Lichty, Hello, Katrina! So Much for New Media Art
In the context of the techno infrastructure breakdown during hurricane 
Katrina, Patrick Lichty discusses the (im)possibilities of independence 
from information grids and the long-term viability of platforms for 
creating new media art.

+ Andruid Kerne, Doing Interface Ecology: The Practice of Metadisciplinarity
The interface can be modeled as an ecosystem -- connected, dynamic, and 
characterized by relationships -- and can be understood as a border zone 
between heterogeneous systems of representation. Andruid Kerne uses 
notions of sensation, embodiment, and semiotics to initiate a process of 
metadisciplinarity that addresses the range of systems of representation 
involved in the writing and production of his paper.

+ Yuli Ziv, Parallels between Suprematism and the Abstract, Vector-Based 
Motion Graphics of Flash
Yuli Ziv explores parallels between aesthetic concepts surfacing in both 
the suprematist art movement in the beginning of the 20th century and 
the abstract, vector-based motion graphics associated with the 
Macromedia Flash software / authoring environment. The subject of 
analysis is not the influence of Suprematism on Flash as a tool in 
general but on the -- to a certain degree standardized -- abstract forms 
that the software produces.

+ Naoko Tosa, Cultural Computing: ZENetic Computer
Through her project ZENetic Computer -- which projects the style of 
communication developed by Zen schools over hundreds of years into a 
virtual world -- Naoko Tosa explores "Cultural Computing" as a form of 
cultural translation that uses scientific methods to represent aspects 
of culture.

+ Paul Hertz, Drunk on Technology, Waiting for the Hangover: A Test Plot
Paul Hertz's structures 16 short texts on topics ranging from "activism" 
and "network" to "collaboration" and "bandwidth" by means of a 
Graeco-Latin Square of order 4 -- a combinatorial structure frequently 
used in agricultural test plots, typically for combining plant strains 
with different fertilizers in such a way that no plants or fertilizers 
are repeated in any row or column of the square. (Plants: Network, 
Collaboration, Art, Emergence; Fertilizers: Activism, Bandwidth, Naming, 

+ Juan Teodosio Pescador, Thirteen Ignodicta About This Art
Pescador's thirteen short statements reflect on possible effects of art 
and suggest appropriate viewer responses. "This art is loaded with 
cultural values. Fight, run, or surrender."

//free radical//
+ Andrea Polli, The Sound of Fear
Using a frightening experience on a flight from Chicago to São Paulo as 
a starting point, Andrea Polli discusses the effects of ultrasound and 
infrasound on the body; the connection between sound and memory points; 
and whether the emotional, narrative content of sound might enhance the 
understanding of abstract information.

//book reviews//
+ Ceri Myers reviews "Carnal Art: Orlan's Refacing" by C.Jill O'Bryan
Ceri Myers reviews C. Jill O'Bryan's book on the works of the French 
artist Orlan and their conceptual foundations.

+ Leigh Clemons, "Whale!" by K.L. Evans
Leigh Clemons reviews "Whale!," a poetic, intense, and complex reading 
of Herman Melville's famous tale of obsession and fate through the lens 
of Wittgenstein's theories. In several ways, "Whale!" relates to 
concerns of new media practitioners, such as metastructures of subjects, 
objects, practice, and theory.

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