[NetBehaviour] Holophagus Provokes Cyberdreams

jonCates joncates at criticalartware.net
Sun Jun 11 19:55:21 CEST 2006

On Jun 11, 2006, at 11:18 AM, marc wrote:
> >Are you sure that is what you do?

"Hurry back to the Normal World and go into the garage. Fill the  
petrol tank with scotch (what a waste!) get into the car and, using  
the keys, turn on the ignition. Leave the engine running as you cross  
once more into the Dark World. Enter the spaceship (the small opening  
on the left outside the front of the hatchery) and use the gloves on  
the lever to the left of the computer console. This has started the  
craft's launch sequence, so get the hell out. Once the craft takes  
off, you'll find yourself back in front of the mirror in the Normal  
world. Smash the mirror with the hammer and the world is saved and  
the game is won!"

title: "Dark Seed (Cyberdreams/Cyberdreams) Help"
dvr: Ray Earle
date: 2005.04.06
uri: http://home.flash.net/~rayearle/Dfiles/Dark_Seed.html

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