[NetBehaviour] Holophagus Provokes Cyberdreams

jonCates joncates at criticalartware.net
Mon Jun 12 04:27:25 CEST 2006

On Jun 11, 2006, at 1:26 PM, marc wrote:
> >Hi John,

hi marc (w/o an "H" i.e. like me)

> >Role play - OK.

the Dark Seed game is a kind of role play (warez in you play the  
maker of the game) ++ i do {engage in|enjoy} role playing games  
(RPGs) ++ RPG as art ++ game as art ++ art as game... but as will  
prolly become clearer over timespace ++ for whateverz it is worth, i  
am not "Holophagus Cloutier" aka holophagus AT gmail DOT com

> >But why say 'Holophagus Provokes Cyberdreams', without any context
> >other than what people decide to reasearch?

i dunno. i didn't send those initial msg's (i.e. 'Subject:  
[NetBehaviour] Holophagus Provokes Cyberdreams') , i just decided to  
do the res:search ++ then commented on it (i.e. 'Subject: Re:  
[NetBehaviour] Holophagus Provokes Cyberdreams' ++ 'Subject:  
Rhizomatic Forwards Abandonia WAS: RE: [NetBehaviour] Holophagus  
Provokes Cyberdreams' ++ now...) altho i am now looking fwd to  
Holophagus Cloutier's work ++ the ongoing onLine exchanges...

> >It is a great site for games :-)
> >
> >http://rayearlesgamehelp.info

agreed, as is Abandonia:


in my comments i was attempting to articulate how a fossilized fish  
(Holophagus) might connect to an abandoned application, i.e. Dark  
Seed, esp when Dark Seed involves [+/or] is built around the  
retrofuturistic fetishistic steampunkish art of H. R. Giger that ppl  
will now mostly run in emulation...

// jonCates
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