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Responding to series of ideas which have appeared in various net contexts,
New Media Fix will be featuring a series of sound and audio-based projects,
as part of our ongoing editorial, which utilize Œaudio¹ as a means to break
spatial conventions and/or to problematize Œlocation¹. ³Audio on the Move²
will feature creative work which question and explore the idea of public
space, space as interface, social ritual, and/or artistic and self

Edited by artist/curator Molly Hankwitz, ³Audio on the Move² starts in June,
with revolving projects and comment. Projects may be submitted for inclusion
to: editor at newmediafix.net

 ³Karaoke Ice² (http://www.o-matic.com/isea/) is a cheeky ³mobile audio²
work selected for the ISEA 2006 ³Interactive City² commission. ³Karaoke
Ice², the first project highlighted for the ³Audio on the Move² series was
conceived by artists Nancy Nowacek, Marina Zurkow, Katie Salen. They
conceptualize the work as follows:

³Karaoke Ice originated at the confluence of two rituals: one, the ghetto
Ice Cream Truck—an essential New York summertime street character trolling
the streets, its broken soundtrack an infectious siren call gathering packs
of kids and adults curbside—with another, the increasingly popular social
ritual of karaoke. We believed the marriage a necessity: the Ice Cream Truck
needs a better soundtrack, and karaoke singers need an audience. Performance
meets broadcast. Ice cream meets microphone.²

 This project demonstraties how sounds of cities contribute to, and are part
of, the experience and making of spatial organization and convention.
Individually or collectively produced sounds are the audible evidence of
patterns, of social ritual and locations embedded in life, history, memory.
By articulating two strands (at least) of sound making, ³Karaoke Ice²
sweetly invites the listener to engage the city from the inside out
suggesting through interface with popular activity and its audio how cities
are comprised of multiple, entwined and emotionally emanating cultures.

For an interview with the artists:

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