[NetBehaviour] Heath Bunting: ”Cutting, Climbing, Crossing” / UBERMORGEN.COM: “[F]originals. Authenticity as Consensual Hallucination”

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Tue Jun 13 15:05:04 CEST 2006

OVERGADEN – Institute of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen

OVERGADEN, in collaboration with Artnode – Independent Centre for  
Computer-based Art and Culture, Copenhagen, [plug.in], Basel, and  
Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund presents:

UBERMORGEN.COM: “[F]originals. Authenticity as Consensual Hallucination

Heath Bunting: ”Cutting, Climbing, Crossing”

Bunting vs. UBERMORGEN.COM: "dayplandrugblog. two ways to live your  
life as a (former) net artist”

Curated by Jacob Lillemose
June 15 – July 16, 2006
Private view: Wednesday June 14, 2006, 5 pm – 8 pm
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 1 pm – 5 pm

On June 14, 2006 OVERGADEN – Institute of Contemporary Art in  
collaboration with Artnode will open two solo exhibitions by Heath  
Bunting and UBERMORGEN.COM as well as a special exhibition that joins  
the work of the two artists.

Heath Bunting and the duo UBERMORGEN.COM. Two pioneers, rebels and  
stars of net art. This is the first time they exhibit together.  
Almost without computers!

”Cutting, Climbing, Crossing” will present a number of Heath  
Bunting’s recent works which deal with issues of borders, identity  
and physical space. Central to the exhibition will be the world  
premiere of Bunting’s ongoing project “The Status Project”, a mapping  
of the multi-layered logic of the mobility and legal routes of the  
social system. The work will be presented as wall-mounted diagrams,  
an interactive database and a 4,200-page manual!

“[F]originals: Authenticity as Consensual Hallucination” is the third  
and closing part of an international joint venture between OVERGADEN  
– Institute of Contemporary Art /Artnode, [plug.in] and Hartware  
MedienKunstVerein. The exhibition will be a classical painting show,  
consisting of 6 large square canvasses with digital prints of the  
official seals from UBERMORGEN.COM's projects from the last five  
years. The paintings are “[F]originals” – originals and forgeries –  
and refer to the ambiguous status of the 'documents' that  
UBERMORGEN.COM produce through their dealing with issues of our  
technology-based culture.

“dayplandrugblog. two ways to live your life as a (former) net  
artist” features another world premiere or actually many works that  
deal with diaries. Heath Bunting will show 365 of his daily what-to- 
do maps (one for each day of 2005) drawn by hand on paper, while  
UBERMORGEN.COM will show prints of one month of the online “drug  
blog” together with the video “PsychOS”.

In connection with the project a number of publications will be  
available. Heath Bunting will print his “Day Plan Guide” along with  
the “Project Status Manual” and for the UBERMORGEN.COM show a  
catalogue edited by Alessandro Ludovico (neural.it) will be published  
in late August.

The project is the result of an ongoing collaboration between  
OVERGADEN – Institute of Contemporary Art and Artnode with the  
ambition to bring international computer-based contemporary art to  
Denmark and to get computer-based contemporary art out of the new  
media ghetto.

The project is generously supported by Pro Helvetia – Schweizer  
Kulturstiftung, British Council in Denmark, the Austrian Embassy in  
Copenhagen and the Danish Arts Council.

UBERMORGEN.COM are currently exhibiting at Hartware  
MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund:

Institute of Contemporary Art
Overgaden Neden Vandet 17
DK-1414 Copenhagen K
Phone +45 32 57 72 73
Mail info at overgaden.org
Web http://www.overgaden.org
Tuesday-Sunday 13-17

Hans Bernhard
UBERMORGEN.COM / etoy.holding

Skype Hans_Bernhard
Studio +43 1 236 19 85
Mobile +43 650 930 00 61
Email hans at ubermorgen.com

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