[NetBehaviour] Month Of Sundays : Sunday June 18th 2006

neil jenkins neil at furtherfield.org
Sun Jun 18 14:30:26 CEST 2006

We reach week 3 of Month of Sundays, and this week feature a live, 
online AV performance by artist John Hopkins (US).

Join us live at Watershed, (Bristol UK), The Point CDC Theatre (Bronx, 
NY, USA) or online for the mix.


Archive performances from the first two weeks can be found here :

Session 1, Roger Mills and Neil Jenkins

Session 2, Paul Wilson and James Smith

Best Wishes



Furthernoise.org Live A/V Net Performance - Featuring John Hopkins
Sunday 18th June 16.00 -16.45 hrs BST (GMT+1)

Log in to mixing platform - http://www.visitorsstudio.org

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A networker with more than a decade of remote-streamed visual-sonic 
performance work, John Hopkins has a background in engineering, hard 
science, and the arts, practising a nomadic form of performative art 
and teaching around the world. He studied film with renown experimental 
film-maker, Stan Brakhage and video with Janice Tanaka and has made 
live network-based streaming visual-sonic performances in Europe, 
Canada & USA.


'When life faces the fundamental transformation through death, passive 
memory becomes an active agent to guide the escaping spirit.  This 
performance is an attentive exploration of the spirit's future memory 
of its own passing and the complex of energies through which it must 
migrate alone'.

16.45 - 18.00 - Open Mix

Everyone is welcome to join this Open Mix which is one big A/V 
collaboration including contributions from online viewers in a host 
locations & time zones. For anyone who wants to contribute to this mix, 
media files must be a maximum of 200k and can be mp3, swf, flv & jpg 
formats. Although we recommend bringing laptops there are a limited 
number of computers which all can use. Please allow others a go once 
you have uploaded and added your files to the mix.
All mixes will be recorded to be featured in the next issue.


Also Screened at

Watershed Bristol 16.00 - 18.00 BST

The Point CDC Theatre NYC 11-13.00 EST


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