[NetBehaviour] High-Speed Sutra

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Jun 20 02:55:20 CEST 2006

High-Speed Sutra

I don't know what it means to practice Zen.
I don't know what it means to do anything at all.
Whatever it means, I'm not doing it. I'm definitely not doing it.

I think I might practice something.
I'm already at the edge of the cliff. Something, anything, one for all.
All for one is nothing. I won't practice that.
I won't practice writing either.

The practice of writing is writing.
The practice of Zen is nothing at all. I won't do it.
This isn't writing, this is practice.
I'll write something later on.

I should add I don't know anything about Zen.
I should add I'm writing borrowed-Zen.
I don't know anything about Zen, I'm writing borrowed-Zen.
My Zen is faster than yours.
I should add my Zen is fast.

I won't do it, not even to do it. I won't do Zen.
There are hungry ghosts after me, they know!
Where they are, I'm not. Where I am, they won't go!
My Zen is faster than theirs. My ducks are enlightened Kwak! Kwak!

Not dying is not not wanting to die.
Dying is not wanting to die and not not wanting to die.
After a while negation buzzes. Automata make negation machines.
Negation machines buzz for me. They make things faster.

Just because my Zen is fast doesn't mean it's not Zen.
Just because I feel nothing doesn't mean I'm not enlightened.
My enlightened Zen takes a nanosecond.
Whatever takes anything, I'm not doing it!
I haven't done it either!

This is the High-Speed Sutra.

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