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marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Tue Jun 20 03:11:19 CEST 2006

Hi Alan,

Also loved the humour in this one - I could imagine it as rap by 900 ft 


> High-Speed Sutra
> I don't know what it means to practice Zen.
> I don't know what it means to do anything at all.
> Whatever it means, I'm not doing it. I'm definitely not doing it.
> I think I might practice something.
> I'm already at the edge of the cliff. Something, anything, one for all.
> All for one is nothing. I won't practice that.
> I won't practice writing either.
> The practice of writing is writing.
> The practice of Zen is nothing at all. I won't do it.
> This isn't writing, this is practice.
> I'll write something later on.
> I should add I don't know anything about Zen.
> I should add I'm writing borrowed-Zen.
> I don't know anything about Zen, I'm writing borrowed-Zen.
> My Zen is faster than yours.
> I should add my Zen is fast.
> I won't do it, not even to do it. I won't do Zen.
> There are hungry ghosts after me, they know!
> Where they are, I'm not. Where I am, they won't go!
> My Zen is faster than theirs. My ducks are enlightened Kwak! Kwak!
> Not dying is not not wanting to die.
> Dying is not wanting to die and not not wanting to die.
> After a while negation buzzes. Automata make negation machines.
> Negation machines buzz for me. They make things faster.
> Just because my Zen is fast doesn't mean it's not Zen.
> Just because I feel nothing doesn't mean I'm not enlightened.
> My enlightened Zen takes a nanosecond.
> Whatever takes anything, I'm not doing it!
> I haven't done it either!
> This is the High-Speed Sutra.
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