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New Reviews & Articles on Furtherfield.org June 06.


-Boredomresearch - Theatre of Restless Automata Exhibition: Review by 
Rob Myers.
-Michael Mandiberg - Oil Standard: Review by Yasser Rashid.
-A remix of Preoccupations. Written by Camille Baker.
-Midiatatica - Reviewer: Maria Victoria Guglietti.
-The Death of the Interview. FurtherCritic Article by [[Mez]].
-Rebecca Cannon - Kill Yourself. Review by Mathias Fuchs.

Boredomresearch - Theatre of Restless Automata. Exhibition.
At TheSpace4, Peterborough. UK.
Boredomresearch have used the three rooms at TheSpace4 to mount 
something of a retrospective of their artificial life installations. The 
front room has their latest work, custom-made screen units that look 
like IKEA martian landers alongside one more standard large flat 
rectangular screen. The middle room has explanatory text displays, a 
projection of animations and a couple of iMacs along with paper-based 
activities for people to do. The back room, blacked out, has a single 
large-scale projection of Boredomresearch's earliest work on one of the 
walls. Reviewer: Rob Myers.

Michael Mandiberg - Oil Standard.
A play on the concept of the Gold standard, Michael Mandiberg has 
created the Oil standard Firefox plug-in, skewing web pages by replacing 
dollars with their equivalent price in barrels of oil. As Oil standard 
reveals, there is an alternate reality whereby oil replaces gold as the 
standard by which we trade goods and currencies. Ironically, a lightness 
of touch is added to the sinister realism of it all. Almost as if Oil 
standard serves to sugarcoat the subject in hand, yet at the same time 
it manages allow the issues that we usually ignore, to seep back into 
public consciousnesses. Reviewer: Yasser Rashid.

A remix of preoccupations.
Database video art, Performance Video, Live Cinema + VJing.
Camille Baker writes about her interests, explorations in Database video 
art, Performance Video, Live Cinema and VJing, and has been 
investigating live or performance video, both as an artist,producer and 
as a curator. "Camille writes about her interests, explorations in 
Database video art, Performance Video, Live Cinema and VJing, and has 
been investigating live or performance video, both as an artist,producer 
and as a curator." Written by Camille Baker.

Midiatatica.org and the cannibalization of Tactical Media.
"Tupi, or not Tupi that is the question."
Tactical Media interventions range from performances to hackerism, and 
they offer a chance for micro-subversion, immediacy and intimate bonds 
between social actors. Critical Art Ensemble proposes a definition of 
tactical media as the experimental wing of a(ny) given movement.In the 
case of Midiatatica.org this critical and experimental use of media is 
regarded as an alternative against mainstream artistic practice, global 
corporativism, and high tech media art: One thing we had in mind while 
translating the Tactical Media Lab and its concept to the Brazilian 
reality was, throughout the entire process, never to close our eyes to 
such a context. Reviewer: Maria Victoria Guglietti.

The Death of the Interview. FurtherCritic Article by [[Mez]].
_The Death of the Interview: a Meta:X.amination of Stelarc as 
Watching the Stelarc interview [conducted via vidcam] by CTHEORY Live 
[ie Arthur + Marilouise Kroker] I had strong associations with this 
initial introduction 2 Stelarc's work ie art_scene panderings 2 the 
figure of artist-as-ego + media-perpetuated artist-as conveyor of 
jargonistic/post-biological/hierarchical figure. This progression of the 
concept of a media-squeezed Stelarc illustrates:
- how a commercial artscene is nowadays governed by a constant 
new-ism-seeking rhetoric of relational aesthetics.

Rebecca Cannon - Kill Yourself.
The Kill Yourself Game which Rebecca did in collaboration with Karen 
Jenkin is a Java game for the mobile platform, designed for people who 
are so bored theyd rather be dead. Five years ago, Rebecca Cannon would 
probably have been called a media artist, a digital artist or a 
multi-media buff. Now she is best described as a game artist. Rebecca, 
the Australian artist, curator and writer has a keen interest in 
computer games as an art form. She created political shooters, mobile 
games, Java games and machinima clips, and is currently the curator of 
the online archive of art games Selectparks. Rebecca Cannon is a core 
figure in a group of game artists like Cory Arcangel, Mary Flanagan, 
Anne Marie Schleiner, to just name a few. Reviewer: Mathias Fuchs.

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