[NetBehaviour] Cloutier's depression

james at jwm-art.net james at jwm-art.net
Thu Jun 22 21:13:06 CEST 2006

Dear Holophallic Clutter,

In answer to your questions:

Q) Do I deserve a squashed mosquito on my forehead?
A)  Is the mosquito worthy of being squashed on you?

Q) One could say I feel the terror and discomfort of not knowing what to
      Am I just a weak hypothesis?
A)  Yes.

Q) May I ask Cindy Sherman about the quality of my graffiti?
A)  Weather you may or may certainly not, she is unlikely to answer you

Q) May I follow the spirit of media artist Jenny Holzer's series
A)  Absolutely not at all ever, don't do it. But you are allowed to
      them with a random spam-like text generator or something.

I hope that helps you figure out what to do, it certainly helped me :>

-- james w****** morris

On 22/6/2006, "Holophagus Cloutier" <holophagus at gmail.com> wrote:

>Currently I have no idea what I should try 

>One could say I feel the terror and discomfort of not knowing what to do.
>Am I just a weak hypothesis?
>Does Holophagus provoke cyberdreams?
>Does Holophagus provoke cyberdreams?
>Does holophagus provoke cyberdreams?
>The Latest Episodes:
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>Fans will find in this treasure-trove of noir episodes all the
>information they could desire: a definition of the game style and its
>roots; the iconic characters and the stars who are playing them; and,
>perhaps, the Authors whose list-servers messages or "cyber-essays"
>inspired many of these word-games.
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