[NetBehaviour] creative links EXPO:06 live website building

rich white rich at counterwork.co.uk
Thu Jun 22 23:36:21 CEST 2006

rich white and jaimes nel are building a website from scratch, live, at
the creative links EXPO:06.
the site aims to document occurances at the event as they happen via
photographs, text and video.
the results of day one (22.06.06) are already online. pages for day two
(23.06.06) will be posted as they are completed.

live-built website: http://live2.creativelinks.co.uk/

live website curated and produced by: http://www.germination.co.uk/

creativelinks: http://www.creativelinks.co.uk

The Creative Links project and creative links expo:06 are managed by
CIDA, the Cultural Industries Development Agency: http://www.cida.co.uk/

rich white


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