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Jason Nelson heliopod at gmail.com
Mon May 1 13:23:59 CEST 2006


After consultations, we have reconfigured the wherewecreate project.

The new and easy on you guidelines are listed below. The project needs
content to get started so please send soon.

Where We Create Project.    http://newformsreview.com/wherewecreate/

The first project from the newly built newformsreview.com founded by Jason

a net art and digital Literature portal and forthcoming peer-reviewed

The Where We Create Project is designed to connect digital artists and
writers (and

analog creators  as well) through a website featuring photos and
descriptions of where

artists/writers create. Our geographies and external landscapes are

 in altering and forming the creatures we create.

What we need is the following sent to this address:
wherewecreate at gmail.com

1. An image or two, 300 px by 300 px jpg or around there, of where you
This can be your office, your backyard, some coffee shop, whatever you want
to show the physical space(s) where you work.

2. Some text about that place and its meaning to you, your work, your life,

or whatever you feel represents the world in which you create. We are

for around five or six or seven sentences, but not much more.

3. Your name, any other brief biographical information, and where this

you are talking about are: for example:  Emporia, Kansas, downtown

office building, second floor in the back….

4. and a few urls so people can go see the work you create in that place.

NOTE: Please keep in mind the more personal space the better, and

that this isn't intended to showcase your artistic skills,

but rather share a small bit of your geography.

Cheers, Jason Nelson
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