[NetBehaviour] Turbulence Commission: "The Saddest Thing I Own" by Matthew Belanger, A. Elizabeth Mikesell, and Marianne R. Petit

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Mon May 1 15:44:13 CEST 2006

May 1, 2006
Turbulence Commission: "The Saddest Thing I Own" by Matthew Belanger, A.
Elizabeth Mikesell, and Marianne R. Petit

There are some things that we own that are just so sad. You know what we
mean. Sad. It seems likely that these sad things illuminate our vulnerable
places, one way or another.

"The Saddest Thing I Own" invites people everywhere to share the saddest
thing they own. What are these sad things? What makes things sad? Do things
start off sad? Do some sad things begin as happy things that then become
sad? Are some things only sad because for some sad reason we kept them? Are
some things just plain sad no matter what? This is what we want to know.

"The Saddest Thing I Own" is a 2006 commission of New Radio and Performing
Arts, Inc. (aka Ether-Ore) for its Turbulence web site. It was made possible
with funding from the Jerome Foundation.


MATTHEW BELANGER is a New York based new media artist, programmer, and
consultant. He dedicates this site to his mother, Wendy, who passed away in
October of 2005 after a long battle with cancer. His works include
documentary video, large-scale digital photography, interactive online
applications and software development. His complete portfolio can be seen
at: http://www.matthewbelanger.com/

A. ELIZABETH MIKESELL is an artist and writer who lives in New York City.
She is on the faculty of New York University's Expository Writing Program,
in which she teaches writing to students in the Tisch School of the Arts.
Her fiction and non-fiction have been published in a number of small
literary magazines.

MARIANNE R. PETIT is an Associate Arts Professor at the Interactive
Telecommunications Program at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York
University. Her artwork, including video, animation, and installation, has
been exhibited in international festivals and exhibits and reviewed in a
variety of publications including Leonardo, Wired and World Art. Her work
can be seen at: http://www.mariannepetit.com.

For more information about Turbulence, please visit http://turbulence.org

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