[NetBehaviour] Networked Realities & Prospective Locative Hacks.

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Tue May 2 19:55:06 CEST 2006

Networked Realities & Prospective Locative Hacks
Art Exhibition Deadline May 12, 2006.

Artist-engineer hybrids are invited to submit artworks for the ACM 
exhibition to take place in the California Nanosystems Institute at UC 
Santa Barbara.

For this exhibition we seek artworks that raise issues related to 
human-human, human-machine, human-machine-world, machine-machine, 
human-world and machine-world interactions, placing a strong emphasis on 
the role of the notion of awareness, be it cultural, linguistic, 
network-centric, spatial or geospatial.

In particular, we seek works that focus on the roles that multimedia 
content and technologies play in exploring human and social aspects of 
technology and science, including how it may re-define relationships and 
understanding between cultures and already established disciplines. We 
welcome any interactive artworks that address the topics above, 
including multimodal interactive spaces, locative media artworks, 
networked systems, data visualizations and communications systems.

Please visit the website http://www.mat.ucsb.edu/acmmm06/arts/index.html 
for up-to-date information including deadlines, procedures, list of 
exhibition and program review committee.

ACM Multimedia is the premier annual multimedia conference, covering all 
aspects of multimedia computing. The ACM Multimedia Interactive Art 
Program seeks to bring together the arts and multimedia communities to 
create the stage to explore, discuss, and push the limits for the 
advancement of both multimedia technology through the arts, and the arts 
through multimedia technology.

The Interactive Art Program consists of a conference track and an art 
exhibition. We invite artists working with digital media and researchers 
in technical areas to submit their original contributions.

contact phone ISAT: +8816-3157-6514
by appointment only until APR 15, 2006
current location: IGLOOLIK, NUNAVUT
69deg 21'53'' 81deg 48'58''

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