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Generally there is a lot that academic institutions may choose to censor
Never really worked out how they do it but know that c6 have fallen foul of
this numerous times. AOL seemed to me to be the worst culprits with users
signing up on their service being denied our content. Why? I cant answer but
the censorship of art in this way is rather disturbing. Recently in
eindhoven at the strp festival our exhibit was pulled for showing ascii
porn, generated from sms texts that the public had submitted to the system.
If a supposed new media curator cuts your work for rude pictures made of
text in a country where drugs are legal then what is the hope of a
corperation or government body allowing access through there network

I too would be very interested to find out how they decide something is to
be censord. It would identify the areas where I ought to try a little


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Hi Marc -

Could you possibly look into this and try some other files such as A4? 
This is disturbing; what I don't understand - how do they know the 
content? There is a blurred image of breasts, that's all. And "moon" 
doesn't give anything away unless someone thinks it has to do with 
"mooning". I'd appreciate anything else you could add to this..

Thanks, Alan
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