[NetBehaviour] sondheim censored....

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Thu May 4 02:03:21 CEST 2006

Hi Leon & Alan,

Yes - I find it all pretty disturbing. I will be bnack there next week 
and will have a chat with the techies there, to get some info about this...

Not just that - furtherfield for some reason has been shoved down the 
google listings, and believe me there are plenty of links out there 
connecting to furtherfield. One of the F-crew found out that it was 
something to do with explicit material on the server (or somthing), 
which there isn't. I have emailed google and have totally ignored 
regarding this. It is worrying...


> Hi Marc -
> Could you possibly look into this and try some other files such as A4? 
> This is disturbing; what I don't understand - how do they know the 
> content? There is a blurred image of breasts, that's all. And "moon" 
> doesn't give anything away unless someone thinks it has to do with 
> "mooning". I'd appreciate anything else you could add to this..
> Thanks, Alan
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