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Fri May 5 04:38:58 CEST 2006

The Escape Artists Society (T.E.A.S.) <http://www.escapeartists.ca> wants
your video art for Vancouver¹s first iPod viewing gallery or ViPod Gallery!

Deadline for Works: May 19th, 2006

This is a fundraising event for Vancouver¹s hottest emerging arts society
The Escape Artists Society (T.E.A.S.): we put art in unusual spaces ­
inserting Œour¹ world into Œthere¹ world­ penetrating public perceptions of
culture, genre and form.

Submitted works must be created specifically for screening on Apple¹s new
video iPod and can be no longer than 5 minutes in duration.
The content and style of your work is open ­ it can be narrative or
non-narrative, personal or political, and presented in an experimental or
documentary style. 

Play with the notion of ³ViPodification² in your work ­ the small, intimate
scale of the iPod may direct your explorations technically and conceptually­
³podify² it.
Featured artists are eligible for prize packs featuring treats donated by
local designers, artists and businesses.

Final decisions: June 2nd, 2006


 The ViPod Viewing Gallery will take place in a funky uptown social location
in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
The space will be set up with special viewing tables: artists and guests
will Œrent¹ the ViPods (each featuring a different artist¹s work) for short
periods ­ to enjoy, share and discuss the works amongst themselves.
The evening may also feature door prizes, performances and site-specific
installations by local artists.
Event Postponed: June 24th, 2006

Submissions must be original to the artist ­ they may be new or older pieces
that have been modified or ³ViPodified² - (altered in some way that
addresses the intimate scale of the iPod¹s screen) for the viewing
environment in mind.

* Max 320 x 240 in dimensions

* Compression codecs to used MUST be either MPEG 4 or H.264, 2.5 mbps(max)
at 30 fps

* Max 5 mins, at max 15 megs in total file size

* All audio and video must be original, with credits for all additional
artist who worked on the project

* Must include T.E.A.S. logo in credits ­ this can be downloaded from
T.E.A.S. website 
> <http://www.escapeartists.ca> after May 1st

* Upon submission the artist will be asked to sign an agreement to release
the work to T.E.A.S. for limited exclusive use for the first 6 weeks then
unlimited, non-exclusive rights from that time forward
To send your submissions please contact:

Camille Baker at camille at telus.net or
Victoria Singh at victoria-singh at telus.net

or snail mail cd files to:

The Escape Artists Society
1009 Semlin Drive
Vancouver, BC 
V5L 4J9 Canada

The Escape Artists Society (TEAS)­officially registered in June 2005­ is an
emerging non-profit arts organization that aims to present and promote new
media, experimental music, visual, wearable and live art experiences in
unusual locations and environments.  We rely on government grants and
fund-raising events to finance our existence.


* To expose the public and arts community  to Œacts of live art Œas part of
their Œeveryday life¹ (local +national).
* To facilitate  inspiring educational experiences­encourage the general
public, artists and students to participate in events that  will enrich
their appreciation of art, media, technology and sound art.
* Support the research, creation, presentation, production, exhibition and
promotion of work by emerging, mid-career and established Canadian and
international artists.


T.E.A.S came to be when the key organizers: Camille Baker and Victoria Singh
identified the need for a fresh approach  to presenting unusual creative
experiences to audiences in Vancouver. Despite the numerous organizations in
the community mandated to provide work of this nature: they  observe the
limitations and frustrations many artists experience in terms of support,
development and curatorial ingenuity. Both organizers have sound curatorial
and arts administrative experience coupled with an outstanding reputation
within the local and national arts community.

In addition, Baker and Singh are supported by a working board of
professional women, who are involved in fundraising and other organizational
activities, planning of events, and the management of the society. They are
Dr. Susan Kozel (president), Cindy Poremba (treasurer) and Valorie Pudsey

SLITS 2- a multi-disciplinary performance evening featuring six artists
performing simultaneously inside separate designer Œbooths¹ : Archer
Pechawis, Lois Klassen, Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa, Heidi Nagteegal, David
Khang and Helge Meyer (Germany).  This event received a favorable preview in
the Georgia Straight­ also co-sponsored by Western Front Performance Art.

The Knitting Circle- a monthly discussion group (started in May 2005)  for
performance artists- featuring guest speakers, workshops and archival video
evenings. This event is co-sponsored by The Western Front Performance Art

LIVE Biennial 2005- TEAS presented a work by new media artist Mark Brady
called Difference and Repetition for Voice 1 on November 5,2005 at the
Beehive Hair Salon on Main Street. This was a popular event and very well
received by audience members.


SITE/UNSCENE­ site-specific media art and live performance media events from
summer 2006- spring 2007, by nationally celebrated artists at various
locations within Vancouver.

For more information on T.E.A.S. go to http://www.escapeartists.ca

Camille Baker 
The Escape Artists Society
Co-Executive Director/ Curator
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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