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Digicult Produzioni presents:

Electronic culture event of:
new media art, architecture, sound/audiovideo

25th-28th May 2006
Hangar Bicocca
Viale Sarca 336


The first edition  of MixedMedia,  internatinoal event of new media art, 
architecture, sound and audiovisual, will be held in Milan from the 25th 
to the 28th May 2006 at the Hangar Bicocca (Viale Sarca 336) in the 
presence of the  spectacular installation The Seven Celestial Palaces by 
Anselm Kiefer

Web Site: www.mixedmedia.it/eng/index.html


<Opening hours>

Exhibition -  from Thursday 25th May to Sunday 28th  May from 12.00 to 

Performances - from Thursday 25th May to Saturday 28th May from 20.00 to 


In a historical moment in which festival and reviews tied to the 
artistic application of new media and the so called new technologies 
proliferate, Mixed Media is an event of electronic culture which does 
not want to give an exhaustive panorama of the practices and disciplines 
which animate this world in continuous evolution, but which essentially 
presents itself as a moment of growth of dialogue and of confrontation 
of the new media.

The four days of the event, through exhibitions, meetings, seminars, 
concerts and visual and sound environments, wants to try and give useful 
stimuli to establish courses and connections between the parts, helping 
to locate the way in which 'digital' is changing the cultural structures 
and the perceptive procedures of the modern society.

Theorical Text: www.mixedmedia.it/eng/img/mixedmedia_eng.pdf


///NEW MEDIA ART (Curator Silvio Mondino, coordination Tiziana Gemin)

_Exhibtion area _ Hangar Bicocca _ Time: 12.00 / 19.30

The proposal for New Media Art, is represented by some multimedial 
installations and by a selection of software art works, living its most 
fascinating moments with installations by:

_Jim Campbell, Aether Architecture, Lemur, Osman Khan, Interaction 
Design Lab, dotdotdot

and the works of software artists such as:

_Lia, Dextro, Jared Tarbell, Robert Hodgin, Meta, Toxi, Alessandro 
Capozzo, Fabio Franchino

//ARCHITECTURE (Curator Gianluca Milesi)

_Exhibtion area _ Hangar Bicocca _ Time: 12.00 / 19.30

The Architecture section, unwinds around a fascinating and innovative 
e-exhibition, in which 20 internationally famous architects give a 
critical-recognitive panorama on the relationship between architecture, 
design and digital, through which their electronic works are 
commissioned, cured and managed via e-mail and exhibited only with 
digital technologies (monitor, video, software).

Architects and studios invited are:

_AMO-OMA, Architectonics, Asymptote, Iterae, DECOI, Diller & Scofidio + 
Renfro, Eisenman Architects, FOA, Greg Lynn Form, Ghigos, Hov, Ian+, 
Jakob MacFarlane, Laezza Moreno Santamaria, Lot/ek, Massimiliano Fuksas, 
Metrogramma, Ma0, MVRDV, New Teriitories, Nox, Plasmastudio, Shop, Toyo 
Ito, UN studio, UFO+Centola, Zaha Hadid, 2a + p

//SOUND-AUDIOVIDEO  (Curator Marco Mancuso / Digicult, technical 
collaboration Walter Prati)

_Concert Area_ Hangar Bicocca / Kiefer's Towers _ Time: 20.00 / 01.00
_Stage: 5 screens box + surround system 4+1

The Sound and Audiovisual section, during 3 evenings centred on the 
electronic audiovisual performance, give a complete panorama on the 
experimental practices in the modern multimedia live. Called to respond 
to this fascinating challenge, in the stage area of the hangar next to 
Kiefer's Towers, in a box with 5 screens and a surround system 4+1 there 
will be:

_Thursday 25th May 2006:

Echran (S/t live set)
Ryoichi Kurokawa (Live audiovisual set)
Purform (Black Box)
Edwin Van Der Heide (LSP-Laser Sound Performance)

_Friday 26th May 2006:

Suguru Goto (Body Suite Performance)
Skoltz_Kolgen (Askaa)
Otolab (op7)
Addictive Tv (Live DVJ set)

_Saturday 27 May 2006:

Eboman (Sensor Madness Show)
Scanner/Tez (Blindscape - Generative Live Cinema)
Ulf Lengheinrich (Drift - special edition for MixedMedia)
Franko B (DJset) + Tina Frank (VJset)


_Paolo Rigamonti
Architect and media designer, founder with Silvio Mondino of 
limiteazero, an experimental artistic group of media design and media 
art. He has worked for years on architectural projects and interior 
design and from 1997 is occupied with new media and on line 
communication. He has collaborated with some of the most important in 
the new media sector, such as Glamm Interactive, Sapient, Icon Media 
Lab, Virgilio.

_Silvio Mondino
Lives between Reggio Emilia and Milan where he works with Paolo 
Rigamonti with whom he is co-founder of limiteazero. He worked as a 
composer of electonical music for some years to then dedicate himself to 
interaction design. The artistic group Limiteazero has exhibited its 
work in Italy and abroad, among which: Villette-Numerique - La Villette 
, Paris (France); MASEDU, Centre for Contemporary Art, Sassari; Second 
University of Naples; Sintesi 02, Naples; Microwave Media Art Festival, 
Hong Kong; Techne02 - Spazio Oberdan, Milan; UNPlugged - Ars Electronica 
2002, Linz (Austria).

_Gianluca Milesi
Lives and works in Milan and New York . He applies a method which is as 
free and flexible as possible for his work, for architecture, interior 
design, theoretical projects and installations, establishing 
relationships between experimentation and adherence to reality. His 
approach, which is artistic and multidisciplinary , and with particular 
attention to stimuli and digital technology , is in any case tied to 
architectural methods and conditions. Many of his works and projects 
have won prizes at competitions, exhibited and published in Italy and 
abroad and chosen for the Biennale di Venezia. A personal exhibition of 
his works, "Spaced Out, Gianluca Milesi, architectural exercises" was 
held at the Sesv, University of Florence , in 2003. He ads to the 
practical and theoretical activity of architecture that of the author. 
He has published many articles on the specialized press and of general 
interest and a guide book to contemporary architecture of New York . His 
work is found on www.science-architecture.com.

_Marco Mancuso
Lives and works as a freelance journalist of digital art and culture, 
new technologies and new media, multimedial communication, digital 
marketing, and along with this activity is also content manager and 
consultant of design and communication through new medias. He has been 
actively and professionally tied to the entire network of professionals, 
artists, consultants and journalists who are the heart of the electronic 
contro-culture in Italy for many years, which is in gradual expansion. 
In January 2005 he decides to give life to DIGICULT (www.digicult.it), a 
new cultural project on electronic art, which has the ambitious aim to 
build the first real Italian community of digital art and culture, a 
centre of attraction for all those who love electronic arts and 
technologies. A territory contaminated by art and worlds which 
apparently seem different, but are brought together by the same creative 
digital matrix. Editor and responsible for the monthly magazine DIGIMAG 
(www.digicult.it/digimag), and of podcast DIGIPOD 
(www.digicult.it/podcast), Marco Mancuso works as consultant for the 
press office and often as curator and promoter of events tied to culture 
and electronic arts.


A project by: Cultural Association Count Down

Organization: Consolo Produzioni e consulenza

Co-production: Rebelot

Consolo produzioni & consulenza
Resp: Bibo Consolo
tel. +39 02 34938090 - 02 34938326
fax +39 02 34932551
bibo at consoloproduzioni.it


Marco Mancuso
Director - Digicult Produzioni
Ripa di Porta Ticinese 39
20143  Milan - Italy
Mob. +39.340.8371816
info at digicult.it

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