[NetBehaviour] Data Vapour 100506

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Thu May 11 12:46:59 CEST 2006

Data Vapour 100506.

Postings, as you may have noticed, have slowed a little at Dataisnature 
due to other things going on outside of the computer screen, things will 
speed up again in the next few days - heres another stream of vapour:

Marius continues to inspire us with his enormous productivity and good 
work. Recently returning from the Generator.X audio-visual tour in 
Tromsø he is now at OFFF in Barcelona with the other Proce55ing 
heavyweights putting on workshops, while in between he launches another 
blog, Code and Form! The blog aims at documenting his teaching and will 
be a good resource for Proce55ing disciples no doubt.

Ilikegravity, ‘Accounts from real space’ is a blog annotating design 
ideas, concepts and experiments. Catching my eye are the Recursive Type 
experiments – you can see a video of the drawing process here, and 
20seconds_Drawn_AM_Rain, where the drawing is the result of a sound 
visualisation (enlarged drawing here) – both sets of works are done in 
Flash using Actionscript.


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