[NetBehaviour] Obsessive hobbies #1: LEGO.

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Thu May 11 12:57:41 CEST 2006

Obsessive hobbies #1: LEGO.

Eric Harshbarger is serious. About LEGO. He does “Professional LEGO 
Sculpting and Mosaic Building”, with some serious building credits to 
his name. He also has an obvious obsessive streak, most likely a 
prerequisite for any dedicated LEGO builder.

Harshbarger’s LEGO mosaic of Calista Flockhart uses a quarter million 
LEGO bricks of the diminutive Modulex variety with letters. Using 
time-honored ASCII graphic techniques, he was able to turn his multiple 
bags of bricks into a physical ASCII mosaic, using different letters to 
create shades of gray. Modulex turns out to be a LEGO curiosity, as 
Harshbarger explains:

One has to admire the sheer tenacity of anyone willing to assemble an 
ASCII mosaic out of bricks so small they can barely be handled without 
special tools. But ultimately the question should be asked: Why Calista 
Flockhart? Why a photograph? The representational approach seems a waste 
of (a lot of) good bricks.


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