[NetBehaviour] Megumi and the White Car

Lewis LaCook llacook at yahoo.com
Thu May 11 16:22:43 CEST 2006

                                             That white car has been sitting there for quite some time. Swinging a  sledge hammer over my head, the bright chock of weight splitting stone  poofs up from the front porch. I went back to Ohio. That day we left  cinderblock rubble in front of the house; they say the English have bad  teeth. Is any of this true? You'd hate to leave it just lying there.  Eating must be very hard for them, all that porous stone in riptide  angles. That white car just sitting there for quite some time is our  neighbors; I can see it from this window, but that means I'm denied  it's use. When Caleb apologizes spontaneously to her, he becomes a man,  and the little boy with a pinched face lashing and spitting at  everything he sees is gone. He'll be back, but now we know her shadow. 
   Darker rides, darker rides, and the little boy
  with a pinched heart. I repeat myself across
  the room, bursting May leaves with a sap
  not even you knew would come. I've come
  to look for America. Your bad teeth
  deny you the sustenence and the sentience
  to bleach lopped halls with loops from
  my origination, my divinity, and the sanguine.
  That black car that's never been on this block
  is our use; we smashed the front steps
  and dragged them off behind the trees

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