[NetBehaviour] When I Think Of My President :: More Output, Only Now It Has A Name

Lewis LaCook llacook at yahoo.com
Fri May 19 23:09:06 CEST 2006

      when i think of my president her vagina a faceless flood the cat on it's back with it's belly in the air typing always on the parenthesis i have to think about the texture scorpio scorpio scorpio i upend in quenching i murmur to her silence worries she's bouncing this way again lumbering get down on your knees you want the corners to meet to be present in meetings i heart eclipse we're all terrified the bus cracks into view disconnection the ruin of the world they're crabby this morning they're afraid of boredom this lack of prejudice grated to the degree of rupture electronic literature with lies in his eating the infection YOU'LL ROT IN HELL FOR THIS driving down the shoulder atomic and slim good dope i seep smoke warning noise elongates your wealth, spirit-walking the failure of safety you molt the toil off lurking on the mailing list synthesizing images the lurid bedroom pendulous the echo of phonemes and whatever it is that wants to destroy me into unrest these
 grains of rapture i pause tempests i ate her out the black saint and the sinner lady deaf kids missing ribs away never enough text hate me for my defiance over her eyes rapidly simulating haze flute lures us into and it never seemed at once to i wrecked your life programmed mindless

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