[NetBehaviour] making nothing out of something

rich white rich at counterwork.co.uk
Sun May 21 18:40:48 CEST 2006

Decontextualisation Of The Art Object
rich white

Decontextualisation is a term I have been using in my work to describe
what happens to an artwork when its context or value has been removed or
transferred to another non-art object. The purpose of this is to
demonstrate a possible way that value is created and communicated.
My aim in using decontextualisation is to create something that bears no
relation to anything. I wish to create an artwork that is aware of its
cultural, visual and psychological standing and uses this awareness to
negate all attempts at clarifying, classifying and identifying its
origin, use and value. I have currently only made tentative steps
towards producing this work and through this I have come to realise the
complexity and practical impossibilities of the idea. What I will
illustrate here are the processes and methods by which I can allude to
this process through metaphor, analogy and psychological suggestion, and
why I feel this is an interesting field to explore...( more:
http://www.counterwork.co.uk/writing/decontext.htm )


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