[NetBehaviour] Brooklyn College lost, destroyed MFA artists' work.

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Tue May 30 12:58:48 CEST 2006

Brooklyn College lost, destroyed MFA artists' work.

Eighteen Brooklyn College MFA students were not only dispossessed of a 
graduate thesis exhibition when the New York City shut it down and 
padlocked the doors in downtown Brooklyn. On Saturday, five days after 
their school itself had precipitously, foolishly and cowardly removed 
all of their art from the gallery, hauled it away in open trucks and 
dumped it back on the campus, they were permitted to enter the hall 
where it had been unceremoniously dropped by campus workmen.

There they discovered that much of the art, the product of months of 
work and the focus and culmination of their graduate studies, was 
missing and a good percentage of the work that was there had been 
damaged or destroyed irreparably.

This is a large excerpt from the press release which appears on the 
students' site:

At 9am yesterday [Saturday, May 13] students arrived at Roosevelt Hall 
on the Brooklyn College campus prepared to inspect their work together. 
The students were surprised to find that Mr. Little had ordered the 
officers to allow students access only one at a time. This caused the 
process to last until 6pm yesterday afternoon.

Under the supervision of Brooklyn College CUNY security officers and 
with the aid of Graduate Deputy Karen Giusti, students found their work 
improperly packaged in garbage bags, much of it irreparably damaged and 
some pieces missing.

Carrie Fucile, who built a 7' x 8' x 10' wooden house as part of an 
installation, could find barely a trace of the large structure among the 
two rooms in which the work was stowed. A few pieces of the dismantled 
installation were used as packaging for other works of art, others were 
later located out by the loading dock for raw materials and trash.


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