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Wed Nov 1 08:06:20 CET 2006

I wish I could join...If there was only something like this when I was young.
There should be Dorkbot for people doing strange things with musical instruments...My brass band skills could come in handy!
cheers Marc

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> | !! CALL FOR DORKS !! |
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> their work at dorkbotlondon.
> If you haven't been along yet, dorkbotlondon is an informal get together
> where a few people show their projects and ideas to a dorkcrowd of
> artists who want to be engineers and vice-versa, ranging from 30 to 100
> people.  We're a friendly, interested bunch so the less polished and
> more unusual your presentation the better.  It could just be some idea
> you have, some software bug you've exploited or some dorky electronics
> you've repurposed.  It just needs to be STRANGE and involve ELECTRICITY
> in some way.  That's generally means electronics or software is
> involved, but why not push the boundaries?
> How long you present is up to you - from 5 to 10 mins (opendork style)
> to 20 or 40 minutes (schedule permitting).  We can usually fit you in to
> the next dorkbot, but if not, almost always the one after that.
> Maybe you've been to dorkbotlondon a few times and have a project you've
> thought about presenting...  So do it!
> Email your presentation proposal in a single sentence to: 
>   dorkbotlondon at dorkbot.org
> More info:
>   http://dorkbot.org/dorkbotlondon/
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