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Mon Nov 6 11:19:44 CET 2006


On the site "criticast.net", I present you an electronic route about 
the electronic and poetic reviews.
http: // criticast.net / index.php? Cat=confettis.org
Mostly in french

I realized this route together with Philippe Bootz, with Julien 
Blaine and Christian Poitevin, of Cécile Capponi, Soléa, 
Marseille noisy, of his sputtering inhabitants, grains of sand 
under feet and under teeth.

This route consists of testimonies, creations videos, of sound 
creations, twelve on the whole. I invite you to discover them, to 
share them in wills of the "rss", "podacst" and MailingLists and 
lists of which you think interested in this subject.
Http: // criticast.net / index.php? Podcast=confettis.org
Http: // criticast.net / index.php? Rss=confettis.org

Do not forget to leave your comments, your propositions.

During the mail fellow man, I shall suggest you following me to 
Corsica (Ajaccio) where I shall go to accost in December on 
Doc(K)s .../...

Xavier Leton

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