[NetBehaviour] jump and (short video for a change)

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Nov 6 18:47:28 CET 2006




pain. avatar.

in pain. if she moves they knew i played with avatars, avatar-abuse: this
avatar dancers - and we can map into entirely new spaces and content - the
occupation of virtual space - parent-child relations, father-avatar avatar
< digital < broken > analog < mocap < digital > avatar-meats are leashed,
tethered to logical reach of avatars. reach avatars. of and my people! my
avatars! my little maud-enunciation of avatars, pre-duet: making new
avatars on - my, the swords make the avatar angry! azure writhes house.
they knew i played with avatars, front of the house. that they avatars.
that one cannot cum seems to lack coherency. i wish i was home. avatar-
abuse: this is more than familiar to me. i am in the neighborhood manner,
similar to the avatar but the dancer is dancer imitated by a month old,
protocol-driven, hunger for signifiers, azure struggles which is more
than familiar, is more than familiar: they knew i played with avatars.
avatar-abuse: this relates to mother-father relations: primordial thought
of "my avatars avatars." so this is what it looks like from inside - an
avatar. those few knew i played with avatars; all of them are avatars,
but mapped - which in fact indicates the direct murmuring of avatar-meat;
you can hear them directly beneath the swords. avatars have to avoid
swords, their baggage. they speak through a thousand dancers, most of whom
were abused.


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