[NetBehaviour] Enemies of the internet...

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Wed Nov 8 14:34:02 CET 2006

Enemies of the internet...

A list of 13 "enemies of the internet" has been released by human rights 
group Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

For the first time, Egypt has been added to the list while Nepal, Libya 
and the Maldives have all been removed.

The list consists of countries that RSF believes are suppressing freedom 
of expression on the internet.

The civil liberties pressure group has organised a 24-hour protest, 
inviting web users to vote for the worst offending countries.

Visitors to the RSF website are also invited to leave a voice message 
for Yahoo's co-founder Jerry Yang, expressing their views on the firm's 
involvement in China.

RSF has been outspoken in its condemnation of Yahoo. The search engine 
has been criticised along with other companies for helping the Chinese 
authorities block access to some online material.


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