[NetBehaviour] three videos, the most beautiful, the sublime, the compelling

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Nov 8 15:38:41 CET 2006

three videos, the most beautiful, the sublime, the compelling

below: perhaps an unintended homage to gustave moreau, certainly my most 
beautiful work, which comes through, however strangely, in spite of the 
necessary compression. taped inside the rilke church, if i may call it 
that, in raron, accompanied with the falls at the very tip of the aletsch. 
here is spirit at its most sublime, from the upward sweep of the nave, to 
the grandiosity of the glacier itself, many thousands of feet below.


below: closeup of the 'tongue' of the aletsch glacier, with modified very 
low frequency radio signals taken from the same site. the signals were 
contaminated, by local power generation, up there on the bluff. filtering 
was difficult because the generators seemed somewhat unstable. i used 
extreme hiss reduction, notch filtering, and graphic equalization to 
create something 'readable.' i'm fascinated that the glacier moves of 
course at a snail's pace or slower - but accompanied these radio signals, 
which originate from mostly from cosmic and atmospheric phenomena. radio 
emissions (from cosmic and atmomspheric phenomena) - invisible events, 
interpreted as sound. again, the sublime, which often appears without the 
body of this body of work.


below: foofwa on 'dance is' for a second take in a squat in geneva. this 
is more personal than the first 'dance is' and as such it was taped in a 
more or less straightforward manner. i find the take quite touching. we 
later talked about the graffiti surrounding us; the tags were in english, 
and seemed to represent a form of the usual colonization.


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