[NetBehaviour] A touch of the Verbals - The Hyperliterature Exchange, Nov 2006

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Thu Nov 9 19:42:23 CET 2006

New on The Hyperliterature Exchange for November 2006: a review of 'The Chicken Coup', 'Chopper Drop Out' and 'Underground Station' - three CDs of comedy, poetry and music from Mac Dunlop.

"One respect in which Dunlop differs from earlier performance poets, of course, is his use of new media... His interest in experimentation is apparent on these CDs, where he is constantly playing with sound-effects rather than just presenting us with straightforward recordings of his readings..."

To read the whole review, go to http://hyperex.co.uk/reviewmacdunlop.php . 

The Hyperliterature Exchange is an online directory and review of new media literature for sale on the Web. More than 120 works are now listed. Please visit and browse at http://hyperex.co.uk .
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