[NetBehaviour] Furthernoise issue November 2006.

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Sun Nov 12 16:14:05 CET 2006

Welcome to the November issue of Furthernoise.


As always we are flagging up and critiquing a host of great new releases 
as well as featuring Ultra-Red & Various Artists ENCUENTRO: Day of 
Dialogue For Militant Sound Investigations and the Net Audio 06 Festival 
in London.

We have also extended the call for our planned Freesound net release 
Appropriate Re-Appropriations so check out the submissions guidelines 
for full details.

I hope you enjoy this new issue and we welcome all feedback, comments 
and proposals.

Furthernoise issue November 2006

"Netaudio London Festival" (feature)
Netaudio '06 was the London instalment of the Netaudio festivals, 
following Netaudio '05 in Berne and Netaudio V2.05 in Cologne, and 
spanned two days (15-16th September). The London Netaudio festival was / 
is a chance for netaudio activists, academics and musicians to get 
together and explore netaudio, both through performance and discussions.
feature by Alex Young

"Ambienti Tribali" (review)
Deconstructed and reconstituted ethnic and/or tribal rhythms merge with 
contemporary electronics, a smattering of acoustic instruments, assorted 
laptop, glitch and breakbeat percolations and a variety of synthesized 
melodic fragments to form nine tracks of frenetic energy that, according 
to the artist, conveys “Extreme exploitation of technology reveals the 
weakness of ‘the new tribal individual' which, in this environment, lets 
itself lash out, upset, excite and inebriate.”
review by Bill Binkelman

"Astra" (review)
It takes some time to find a pleasant listening volume and space for 
this release. 16 short tracks all packed with very very high frequencies 
make headphone and 'loud' loudspeaker listening tiring and occasionally 
unpleasant. Tiny computer speakers suit this kind of sound allowing the 
music to crackle and pulse as if emanating from a very sick hard drive.
review by Mark McLaren

"Distortion is Truth - Rober Poss" (review)
Named after the fact that the original line-up had three "Susans" in the 
band, Robert Poss was one of the others, that weren't called Susan. 
After numerous line-up changes the bands core members revolved around 
Poss and Susan Stenger.
review by Mark Francombe

"Halal Kebab Hut - High Brow Low Art Music" (review)
High Brow Low Art Music, released on Earth Monkey Productions by 
London-based Halal Kebab Hut, is a collection of seven pieces created by 
several performers using diverse instruments, according to structures 
defined by Simon Katan. Halal Kebab Hut has an open door membership 
policy, and has been together in some form since 2004.
review by Alex Young

"LushRush" (review)
It has been over a year since Midori Hirano released her debut ep Poet 
At The Piano and it has certainly been too long for many here at 
Furthernoise. As a taster the ep was a delicious entre to to a greater 
piece of work and her new debut album Lush Rush will undoubtdley 
dissapoint few.
review by Roger Mills

"Tracings - Tim Reed" (review)
On first listen to this work I was drawn to how the orchestration 
segway's from one section to the next by a swell in velocity which ends 
abruptly to pass the composition onto a new phase. Each of these phases 
are born of a single tone either from high pitched violin or sine wave 
before building to the next cresendo drop.
review by Roger Mills

"Ultra-Red" (review)
A new 'album' from Ultra-Red that pushes the boundaries of what online 
releases can do. 5 hours of discussion, reverie and speculation that may 
just change the way you think about sound, art and life.
review by Mark McLaren

Roger Mills
Editor, Furthernoise.

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