[NetBehaviour] catechism

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Nov 14 06:53:07 CET 2006


and the transformative nature of the digital in relation to the obdurate
nature of the analog; the latter swallows, devours, the former; existence
is always already a knife-edge; existence tangles/entangles; potential
wells disappear, dissolve, corrode; languages self-obfuscate; the sublime
inheres to the analogic; the digital decathects the sublime; the analogic
decathects the digital; the analogic decathects the sublime, decathects
the analogic; identity construes the analogic; equivalence construes the
digital; the digital constructs the digital; the analogic construes
nothing; the digital is a placement; the analogic is a place; dwelling and
building, the analogic and digital; the avatar is a placement of the
digital; entity is analogic place; union, digital; intersection, analogic;
division, digital; multiplication, analog; 0, origin; 0, analogic place;
0, digital placement;

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