[NetBehaviour] accident of art book

james at jwm-art.net james at jwm-art.net
Thu Nov 16 01:47:30 CET 2006

Has anyone read "The Accident of Art" by Paul Virilio and Sylvère
Lotringer? It is an "extended conversation" between them. I generally
find it difficult to understand criticism, the terms used, but by the
end of the book I think I had a vague idea of what they were talking

It goes something like this: The accident of art, or in fact it seemed
more general, the accident of globalization/capitalism, is the
correction of perception by machine. And, that we need to constantly
fight against the machine and get inside of it to change it. Anyhow it
was interesting but I thought that in particularly the way they talked
about the digital and analogue and the internet, Sondhiem (probably
others do too but I'm not aware of much) goes into greater depth.

But the biggest thing that bugged me was the quick discussion about
software. Initially they spoke of architects and how they should write
their own software. Then a bit later, they question who are the
programmers? They're sure it's not Bill gates. And they lamented the
fact that no one goes about writing their own software. Me thinks they
need to research that a little more.

I probably read it too quickly to understand more.


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