[NetBehaviour] Video Shows UCLA Police Using Stun Gun On Student.

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Thu Nov 16 13:36:52 CET 2006

Video Shows UCLA Police Using Stun Gun On Student.

Link to Raw Video of LA Police using a Taser gun on a student who did 
not have an identity card on his person in a university library...


LOS ANGELES -- An administrative review was under way after a 
23-year-old student was administered multiple stun gun shocks by UCLA 
Police Department officers in the Powell Library computer lab.

Video shot from another student's camera phone shows the man screaming 
while on the floor of the computer lab as officers used the stun gun on 
him at 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to the Daily Bruin.

He had been working at a computer in the back of the lab and had failed 
to produce a student ID during a random check performed by community 
service officers, the newspaper reported.

According to a UCLA police sergeant, the student was identified as 
Mostafa Tabatabainejad of Los Angeles.

He was given a citation for obstruction/delay of a peace officer in the 
performance of duty and then released from custody, the sergeant said.

The sergeant said he saw Tabatabainejad after it happened and that he 
did not appear to have suffered serious injury.

"If he was able to walk out of here, I think he was OK," the sergeant said.

In a statement issued Wednesday afternoon, Nancy Greenstein of the 
University of California Police Department said: "All use of force 
incidents require an administrative review, which is currently under way."

Officers were escorting Tabatabainejad out of the computer lab when the 
trouble started, according to the Daily Bruin. One of the officers 
placed a hand on one of his arms, to which the student objected.

As a second officer approached, he repeatedly yelled "get off of me," 
the newspaper reported.

It was then that one of the officers shot Tabatabainejad with a stun 
gun, dropping him to the floor as he cried out, according to the newspaper.

"Any student who witnessed it was left with an image you don't want to 
remember," said a witness who asked not to be identified.


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