[NetBehaviour] transgression of the 1st and 2nd life

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Nov 18 08:30:02 CET 2006

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transgression of the 1st and 2nd life

the chiasm turns back on itself.
I knew something was wrong with the world.
at the edge, the pli or fold - analog transforms into zero.
zero-multiplication: the world is absorbed.
one-multiplication: the world returns to the world.
we do not return.
we head across the divide.
we are returned.
again and again, we are returned.
we form a corpuscle.

if zero is boundary, one is interior.
the boundary has zero area in relation to interior.
but the same order of the continuum.

you can assign addresses one place or another.
these addresses are on the boundary.
the interior is emptied.
the interior is empty.

because it's useless to move in such and such a direction,
i move in such and such a direction.
because nothing lives or dies there, i give myself
the permission of breath.

the dragon looks at the sun, calling for st-george
the dragon looks at the sun, calling for st-george
the dragon looks at the sun

what the sun does is beyond the pale
the jew is beyond the pale. the jew can't reach himself.
the woman is beyond the pale. she can't reach the jew.

I announce to you: the cleansing of the waters of forgetfulness.
You can't go that way. You don't belong that way.
That way of the waters of forgetfulness there are things.
Nothing swims among them.
Neither things nor things.

escapade, escape, esplanade, explanatory, promontory
episodes of leaving and impossibility.
communality of the first of prankster and on-the-go
exhaustion of the second, landscape cylinders
tomb cylinders of day and night land

of dropping, the fraud of the real against the masquerade of the self
you roam and it doesn't seem like marauding, more like comfort
then the edge says, come lie with me
then the plane says, come sleep with me
dropping the fraud of the real into the real of the fraud
dropping the masquerade of the self into the self of the masquerade

when zero becomes infinitesimal and the hills are polygons
when infinitesimals give birth to the digital
when the digital swallows the self


video with sandy baldwin {first two somewhat long, third somewhat short}

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