[NetBehaviour] _nteractiventanglementretrocasuality_

mez breeze netwurker at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 04:03:19 CET 2006


-note: virtual.n.teractive.n.tanglement.can.only.b.verified.retrospec[ula]t[e]ively.

[PST Persona:06] the n.tanglementary has been re_opened to all

[PST Persona:07] identity-uSer[vice]s will be wave.locked_out while
x+ytractors attempt 2 clean-up the random causality identity
assignments [aka spontaneous gravatar allocation].
particle.self.mmage_momentum is still available 2

[PST Persona:08] an attack of characteristic_G[l]ue is causing
disruption 2 identity-uSer[vice]s, which is ffecting the
n.tanglementary. we have rigidity stamped the spontaneous gravatar
allocations. check back 4 up+downdates.

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