[NetBehaviour] Audio recordings from Guantanamo tribunals.

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Wed Nov 22 20:04:53 CET 2006

Audio recordings from Guantanamo tribunals.

Tapes Provide First Glimpse of Secret Gitmo Panels.

Article - by Jackie Northam

Audio recordings obtained by NPR provide the outside world with its 
first window into the secret world of military tribunals at the U.S. 
prison camp for terrorism suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The recordings, made by the U.S. military, are of tribunals held in the 
fall of 2004 to review the "enemy combatant" status of six detainees who 
were arrested in Bosnia in late 2001. Lawyers for the men obtained the 
tapes under the Freedom of Information Act and provided NPR with copies 
of the recordings.

The Combatant Status Review Tribunals are held in small, low-ceiling 
trailers at Guantanamo Bay. The Pentagon describes the proceedings as an 
administrative process, so the detainees are not allowed lawyers. 
There's a court reporter, a translator and a panel of three military 
officers to whom detainees tell their story, ask why they are being 
held, and appeal for release.


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